In 1993 I decided to move from Germany to Aix to experience France with my French boyfriend at the time whom I later married. It was a huge challenge especially starting my own business in language training. I was immediately submerged in French culture. It was really exciting to discover how the French operate, in other words how to adapt to a new business world and to learn the language quickly.

After the birth of my two children I wanted to spend as much time as possible with them. I therefore decided to sell my company and initially started teaching German in primary schools, and later taught children of all ages up to Baccaloreat level from home.

During this time, I learnt how to help Expats find schools and sign up their children to extra-curricular activities. I also was very much involved in answering daily queries including locating doctors, dentists, plumbers, etc.

I am now applying this to our business "Welcome Aix".

I myself have experienced how difficult a transition from one country to another can be, and would have loved to have this service available to me. For this reason I would like to use my personal experience in order to help other Expat families.

With "Welcome Aix" we will make you feel at home


Steffi Darhi

Co Founder